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Jonathan Brooks : "Honey is a 1966 Spilt screen, Samba deluxe microbus and Martina is a 1968 Bay window deluxe microbus."

Les and Jean Ryder : "SAAB 96 V4, 1976, Ford Germany 1498 V4 engine, Weber carb fitted, split braking system with servo, independent suspension all round, free wheeling clutch, purchased by us 4 years ago."

Dave Price : "1968 Jaguar E-Type, Series 2+2. I've rebuilt the engine and fitted Triple SU carbs and changed the auto to a 5 speed manual gearbox. The car is painted in the original colour and I've owned her since 2000."




Frank Latham : "My car is a replica of an Austin Healey frogeye sprite based in a mini clubman 1981."

Gary Preston : "Blue Pearl - 1968 mk1 ford escort, 2 door, all steel body work, atlas rear axle 3.9 diff, fully adjustable front suspention, disc brakes all round, engine is a SD1 Rover V8, overbored to 3.958cc  lightened and balanced, holly carb"

Ken Meddings : "Sunbeam Talbot 90 mark 11a registered 17/6/1954 2267cc 4 speed column change"




Ben Drake : "1968 mk 2 Cortina originally a 1300 auto but now fitted with 2.0 over head cam engine from a Capri with a sierra gearbox and a brake upgrade along with some other minor modifications."

Ray Hobby : "Royale Sabre Kit Car built using Ford Sierra Power unit and running gear. Completed in December 2005."

Tony Jackson : "Wolseley 18/85 Mk1 1968. I am the second owner. It has an unusual feature in that the interior is Mk1 and the body Mk2, referred to as 'one and a half', apparently due to facelift of model and using up the original cabin."




Gary Dickenson : "Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 custom 1979 in venetian red and black fishnet interior."

Keith Harding : "MG B Roadster 1981 1798cc twin carbs petrol engine"

Bob Mackrill : "1963 Series 2 SWB Land Rover hard top diesel."




Brian Swann : "Created in the early 1970's  for a Bugatti club member using genuine 1928 Bugatti  type 35A parts and originally fitted with 1963 Triumph mechanical parts"

Rik Binnersley : "My red Mk2 Escort RS2000 parked next to my wife Debbie’s blue 4 door Mk2 Escort GL"

John Daniel : "Triumph Stag, Mark 2, first registered August 1976, Java Green with beige trim, v8 engine, original spec.  The perfect wedding car - suitably decorated -  just waiting for the bride and groom."




Ken Meddings : "Wolseley four fifty first registered 9/3/1951 1476cc 4 speed column change"

Terry Green : "1979 Lincoln Continental mark 5 which I have recently imported from Pennysilvania, USA."

Graham Carr : "1958 Thames 300e 7cwt van. I have been the restorer and owner of it for the last 7 years and she is now used to carry our club stand items to shows."




Robert Saunders : "1971 MGB GT in harvest gold. I have owned the car for thirteen years and have carried out all the work myself. Amongst the many improvments I have made are overdrive, wire wheels, sunroof and new interior."

Joe Horner : "1969 Triumph 1300 front-wheel drive saloon, 1296cc water-cooled 4 cyl.  and used as a daily driver (around 9k miles pa) with no aspirations to ever be too shiny again!"

Trevor Fawcett : "1928 Austin Chummy which I bought this year and is in original condition."




Elvis Payne : "Lucie is a 1961 Reliant Regal Mk VI 5cwt van and possibly the last of her type on the road. She has a 747cc side-valve engine and is to star in the current series of The Royal (episode 87 when it is shown) hence her current colour which is TV makeup."

Carl James : "Yellow 1979 ford escort mk2, 1600 sport, 1600 x/flow running electronic igniction and weber twin 40's carbs/electronic fuel pump sierra type 9, 5 speed gear box"

Andy Bosworth : "1960 Ford Thames 400e. Completly restored after being in a barn for 35 years. 52,000 on clock and I am the second owner. 1700 Consul petrol engine, and 3 speed column change."




Dave Dudley-Toole : "1948 Rover P3-75 Graber Convertible. It's a unique car, built by Hermannn Graber of Switzerland and it was exhibited at the 1949 Geneva Motor Show"

Dave Dudley-Toole : "1964 Rover P4-110, she is very original with only 30,000 miles from new"

Maurice & Paul Wilkes : "1952 Commer ice cream delivery van that was used for daily distribution from factory to shops. To maintain a low temperature the rear compartment is fitted with eutectic plates. Overnight brine was pumped though these to reduce the temperature ready for the day's deliveries."

All photographs used by kind permission of their owners